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Achieve your highest price, easy and quick. 



Selling with a system. Targeted and flexible.


We sell your property on your terms. Price, sales channel, discreet or public - you decide.

Highest prices are promised by many, we however have a system on how to actually achieve them.

We'll find the right solution..
Without an intrusive sales pitch.
Free and without obligation for you.
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How we sell

Our fast and smooth process

As a people-oriented company, we always try to work close to the customer. We put advice first. There we define your goals and wishes and develop an individual plan of action for you.

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We evaluate your property for
free and without obligation on your end.





We consult you on site and visit your property to create an attractive exposé.



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Our sales channels are being fed with your property and we are happy to pre-select the buyer for you.



How we achieve Highest prices for you

Development potential and staging

We consult you on your options to achieve a real maximum price. Our system explained:


We analyze your property and consider factors such as: neighborhood and environment, building materials, modernization measures and medium-term potential of the environment with regard to structural change.

Development Potential Analysis

Our ecoestate check gives you an insight into how you can maximize the value of your property through building work and other options.

Exposé with 360° Tour

A professional exposé is what your future buyer sees first of your property. With a professional 360° tour and professional pictures, we convey the value of your property at first glance.

Multi Channel Marketing

Our marketing approach follows a simple path: your property will be presented to a small circle of investment companies, if they are not immediately interested, it will be advertised and staged on all common platforms. 

We are happy to deviate from this at your request and only offer the object to our partners, for example. 


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We analyze value enhancement options

We advise on development measures

We put your property in the limelight

Multi Channel Marketing at its best

360° Tours

Modern and efficient

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Save time, save your anonymity.

ecoestate brings people interested in your property directly to you - digitally. With our 360° tour technology, we skip unnecessary on-site appointments.

Discretion in the digital age: If you wish, we can advertise discreetly and without reference to you or your property address. Even a 360° tour can be published completely anonymous. We blur objects and make them unrecognizable.


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Strong partners

Together with our partners and suppliers in the digitization industry, we work on innovative possibilities for digital marketing. Flexible cloud solutions protect our customers' data.


Discreet, qualitative marketing in a quantitative market

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Anonymity and filtering tools

We master discretion like no other - with our proven secret sale strategy you stay anonymous.We filter in several phases the right buyers for you. The result: less tours and a maximum of anonymity.


A proven concept

Experience has shown that our multi-stage selection principle guarantees us a real buyers interest percentage at a final visit of over 90%.


Find out how you can benefit from a secret sale:


The ecoestate checkup

Reuse. Rebuild. Remodel.

Immobilien Begutachten

Extensive and detailed

Our ecoestate checkup offers you the security of being fully and competently advised on your options for maximizing the value of your property.

Many current real estate properties have a unused potentialThis potential can be promoted through various usage-conversions and construction measures.

The expansion of attic floors or a division of land and finding possible potential for additional development are just some of the important topics.

However, such extensive measures are not always desired or bearable by the owner. Simple renovation measures, such as a new coat of paint on the facade, also cause price differences that should not be underestimated.



Flexible solutions for price increases are our speciality.

We'll find the right solution for your use case.

Do you own a commercial or investment property?

ecoestate commercial relies on many years of experience in the commercial sector. We understand that the purpose and orientation of commercial units can change quickly. We advise you on the possibilities of conversion and redesign and help to place your property on the market quickly and effectively.

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