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Professional Berlin commercial broker. With a professional view of this unique real estate sector, we advise you on solutions in terms of Selling, appraisal and development potential.

Flexible solutions for commercial real estate

At least since the Corona crisis, every owner of commercial real estate has been aware that you have to be flexible when offering your solutions.

We offer classic brokerage services to tenants and prospective buyers of commercial units. In addition, we provide comprehensive advice on the possibilities of temporary use and sale.

ecoestate offers a repertoire of solutions for short-term rental and conversion. Always stay ahead with our solutions. We help you act. Whether short term rental or quick sale. Always stay ahead of your competition with our help.

We achieve where other agents fail. We aim to maximize our clients' assets by focusing on comprehensive advice as a core activity.

What we offer

Our options to avoid vacancies.


We evaluate your property for
free and without obligation on your end.


We advise you in all matters. From purchase to value raising construction measures.


New construction or renovation - we'll find the right solution for you. Increase the value of your property.

We plan together with you

Our system speaks for itself.

With an understanding of your needs, we work with you to develop your concept for the marketing of your property.


Berlin based real estate consultant and realtor

As a local realtor, we understand the Berlin market like no other. We advise on site and market throughout Germany.


We'll find the right solution..
Without an intrusive sales pitch.
Free and without obligation for you.
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How we work
Reuse. Rebuild. Remodel.

Our system speaks for itself.

Together with our partners, we have found innovative solutions to avoid vacancies in the short and medium term.

A change in use of vacant properties saved one of our customers from a significant loss of income.

The real estate market in the commercial sector has become extremely flexible, and many companies noticed this after the Corona crisis at the latest. Remote work is forcing owners to continue to rethink.

Professional Berlin commercial broker.

Together with you, we plan quick measures to avoid failures. We offer changes of use, we advise you on permits and plan with you your sale, lease or Rent.

We'll find the right solution..
Without an intrusive sales pitch.
Free and without obligation for you.
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Did you know that, the proportion of home office employees has increased 4% to 21% percent within a year?

(Source:"Percentage of employees working from home in Germany before and during the Corona Pandemic 2020 and 2021")

How evaluate.
Professional appraisal of commercial real estate

In person only.

While we are convinced of database-supported ratings for end users in the private sector, we do not offer them in the commercial sector.

Our experience has shown: whether it's a freight forwarding area, shops or apartment buildings: nothing replaces an on-site evaluation and analysis of the intended use with the customer.

Call us without obligation.

Together with an owner of an apartment building in Berlin, we designed a concept for the conversion of the previously unmodern commercial space. Interest quota in the property rose compared to the regular quota by 74%.

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