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We at a glance

Real estate professionals with history

We consult you as our partner, because we are not traditional realtors.

With a skilled team of consultants, architects, financial consultants, appraisers and construction engineers we achieve where other agents fail. We aim to maximize our clients' assets by focusing on comprehensive advice as a core activity.

our team

Balanced and focused on eco.

As the founders of ecoestate, customer focus is our main goal.. Because we started out as customers, and we know how difficult the buying, selling and renting process can be.

We founded FL Fairness Life back in 2015 with the mission of helping people who need housing. At that time still in the tenant role, we noticed how hard the real estate market can be for customers.

We are pursuing one goal with ecoestate: all-round advice on successful real estate sales. We would like to be your personal contact for all real estate matters.

We differentiate ourselves from other agents not only because we donate to the WWF to do our part to preserve our planet and our biodiversity. Rather, we focus on advice that fully exploits the value of your property.


Best wishes and all the luck in the world



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Our service phases

No customer deserves an off-the-shelf solution

Reconversion with your interest in mind

Our offers, what we do and how we plan together with you are completely based on your wishes. Nevertheless, we have a structure and look forward to tune it to your interests.

The ideal solution begins with your challenge. We plan everything according to your wishes. Honest and flexible.

Consultation Phase
  • Free consultation in which we define your wishes and goals
  • Professional inspection of the property
  • Valuation of the property 
  • Analysis of the object, floor plan and land registry matters
  • Object improvements, such as conversion and expansion* if desired
  • Offer pricing



  • Creation of a 3D tour
  • Creation of an professional exposé with home staging* if desired
  • Marketing of the property through our internal channels, a network of selected prospective buyers
  • Marketing on all major real estate portals


  • We organize all buyers inquiries for you
  • Filtering of prospects based on quality and authenticity of interest
  • We check the creditworthiness of interested parties
  • Arranging viewing appointments



Negotiation & Notary
  • We mediate and carry out the negotiations for you
  • Discreetly, if you wish
  • Examination of any additional agreements
  • On request, we will carry out a bidding process
Purchase contract
  • We prepare the draft purchase agreement
  • Check individual agreements of both sides
  • Help with handing over the property


We plan together with you

Our system speaks for itself.

With an understanding of your needs, we work with you to develop your concept for the marketing of your property.


Berlin based real estate consultant and realtor

As a local realtor, we understand the Berlin market like no other. We advise on site and market throughout Germany.


We'll find the right solution..
Without an intrusive sales pitch.
Free and without obligation for you.
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We donate.

Because foresight is more than competence in business.

Since 2021 we have been donating part of our brokerage commission to the WWF.

We donate with full conviction to the following projects: Forests and Forestation, climate and Energy, Agriculture and Crops and Seas & Coasts.

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest and most experienced conservation organizations in the world and is active in more than 100 countries. Around five million sponsors support WWF worldwide. WWF's global network has 90 offices in more than 40 countries. Around the world, employees are currently carrying out 1,300 projects to preserve biological diversity.

WWF Deutschland, 2021


Find out more at www.wwf.de

The creation of value is an affair of the heart
of the founders of ecoestate. Creating value for our customers
is the prerequisite for our success. Creating value for our world
is our aim.

We donate to the following WWF projects

Project Climate & Energy



The WWF is active worldwide for climate protection. He is committed to an ambitious implementation of the Paris Agreement Paris Agreement. This includes countries increasing their climate contributions so that global warming can be limited to well below 2 °C, if possible to 1.5 °C. 

Project Forests and Forestation



Forest destruction has many reasons: deforestation for economic interests, slash and burn for livestock and crops, lightning or human error. Worldwide, the disappearance of the forest threatens millions of species.

Project Agriculture and Crops



The aim of the "Agriculture for Biodiversity" project is to improve the biodiversity of wild animal and plant species in agricultural habitats and to further protect them.

Project Seas & Coasts



The preservation of seas and coasts is of enormous importance for the climate of our planet. A habitat for countless species and significantly relevant for the entire climate of our planet.

Do you own a commercial or investment property?

ecoestate commercial relies on many years of experience in the commercial sector. We understand that the purpose and orientation of commercial units can change quickly. We advise you on the possibilities of conversion and redesign and help to place your property on the market quickly and effectively.

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