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Berlin based real estate consultant and realtor

Berliner Immobilienberater und Makler

Gewerbevermarktung mit digitalen Akzenten. Für Eigentümer von Gewerbeimmobilien und Mehrfamilienhäusern. Verkauf und Vermietung.


Berlin based real estate consultant and realtor

We support you in your real estate project. With a vision for your plans and comprehensive advice, we have the necessary expertise which others claim to have. We are your Berlin real estate consultant and realtor. 

Für Gewerbekunden:

Gewerbeflächen All-in-one Vermarktung

Überzeugen Sie sich von unseren Leistungen als Komplettvermarkter für Ihre Gewerbefläche.

Gewerbemakler 3.0


Ecoestate verbindet die klassische Vermittlung von Gewerbeimmobilien mit Leistungen aus der Immobilienprojektentwicklung. Es entsteht ein ganzheitlicher Vermarktungsprozess für einzelne Gewerbeeinheiten wie auch für ganze Gewerbekomplexe.

Und das Beste daran: wir arbeiten All-in-one, bei uns erhalten Sie digitale Mehrwerte ohne Aufpreis. Alle Leistungen sind bereits in unserer Maklerprovision inkludiert.

Erfahren Sie mehr www.ecoestate.de/gewerbe

floor plans

3D und 2D Erstellung

Digital Staging

Digitale Renovierung und Einrichtung


Fotorealistische Außen- und Innendarstellungen

3D Rundgänge

360˚ Rundgang und Luftaufnahmen

Exposé & Landingpage

Digitale Präsentation und Anfragenerfassung


Besichtigungen und Kommunikation

What we offer
We support your project.
Transparent and without sales pitches.
Makler Bewertet


We evaluate your property for
free and without obligation on your end.


Makler Beratung Berlin


We advise you in all matters. From purchase to value raising construction measures.

Makler Planung Berlin


New construction or renovation - we'll find the right solution for you. Increase the value of your property.

Verkauf von Immobilien


We use a wide range of channels to sell your property quickly and at the highest price.

Makler Vermietung


We use a wide range of channels to sell your property quickly and at the highest price.

We plan together with you

Our system speaks for itself.

With an understanding of your needs, we work with you to develop your concept for the marketing of your property.


Berlin based real estate consultant and realtor

As a local realtor, we understand the Berlin market like no other. We advise on site and market throughout Germany.


Sales property
360° tours and 360° Consultation

Sales professionals

With an understanding of your needs, we work with you to develop your concept for the marketing of your property. We advise you on the entire sales process. With a feeling for subtleties, we develop a marketing concept or advise you on ways to maximize the value of your property.

Customer relations

Being close to the goals of the customer is not only important for the success of our company, but also guarantees you the care and accuracy that your property deserves.

Throughout the entire consulting process, you will always have a permanent specialist who is always at your side with advice and action.


Innovative marketing

Whether you want to develop the perfect marketing method with us, or whether you want us to do all things conceptual: your property will be advertised individually and specifically.

Channel-specific and object-relevant, anonymous and discreet if desired, this is how the perfect mix is ​​created.

A commercial property, for example, goes through a completely different marketing cycle than a single-family home.

Berliner Immobilienberater und Makler

360° Tours

Modern and efficient

Matterport Logo

Save time, save your anonymity.

ecoestate brings people interested in your property directly to you - digitally. With our 360° tour technology, we skip unnecessary on-site appointments.

Discretion in the digital age: If you wish, we can advertise discreetly and without reference to you or your property address. Even a 360° tour can be published completely anonymous. We blur objects and make them unrecognizable.


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Strong partners

Together with our partners and suppliers in the digitization industry, we work on innovative possibilities for digital marketing. Flexible cloud solutions protect our customers' data.


Selling properties and doing a good thing. An aim with history.
nachhaltige Immobilien

Why we are different.


We consult you as our partner, because we are not traditional realtors.
With a foresight for your wishes and visions, we rely on comprehensive advice to give you the opportunity to navigate quickly and safely through the real estate market.

With a background in the social accommodation sector, we know what the market is reacting to, how to maximize value and negotiate effectively.

And because every property there is stands on planet earth, we have made it our mission to protect it and donate a portion of our proceeds to the WWF.


Find out more about us.

Every company has its story. Discover ours.

Öko Immobilien Berlin

Since 2021 we have been donating part of our realtor commission to the WWF.

We donate with full conviction to the following projects: Forests, Climate and Energy, Agriculture and Seas & Coasts


The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) is one of the largest and most experienced conservation organizations in the world and is active in more than 100 countries. Around five million sponsors support WWF worldwide. WWF's global network has 90 offices in more than 40 countries. Around the world, employees are currently carrying out 1,300 projects to preserve biological diversity.

WWF Deutschland, 2021


Find out more at www.wwf.de

WWF projects we actively support:

The creation of value is an affair of the heart
of the founders of ecoestate. Creating value for our customers
is the prerequisite for our success. Creating value for our world
is our aim.

wwf naturschutz meer

Seas & Coasts

wwf naturschutz wald

Forests and Forestation

wwf naturschutz Energie

Climate & Energy

wwf naturschutz Landwirtschaft

Agriculture and Crops

Do you own a commercial or investment property?

ecoestate commercial relies on many years of experience in the commercial sector. We understand that the purpose and orientation of commercial units can change quickly. We advise you on the possibilities of conversion and redesign and help to place your property on the market quickly and effectively.

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Why we offer free evaluations
You will receive a free evaluation for your own use from us. If you give us your contact details, we can work with you to create a concept for marketing your property at the highest possible sales price or send you further suggestions for maximizing the value of your property.
Why we are discreet
We know from our own experience that some information is not necessarily shared with others. On request, we will handle the sale or rental with the utmost discretion. Our 360° viewing saves a lot of real viewings and giving the exact address of your property.
Why transparency matters
We think that transparency, honesty and secure advice should be a key point in the real estate industry. We treat everyone involved in our processes fairly. 


Why we are your partner of choice
We offer our service free of commission for owners when it comes to commercial and investment properties.

As experts, we see in our work the full range of possibilities of the economic potential of your property, as well as time savings and legal certainty in the sales process.

Our experienced view of opportunities to increase value is our unique selling proposition. We work on your behalf. 

We firmly believe that together we can change a lot.  

We think the real estate market is not transparent for many people. Laws are fast-moving and often hard to understand. We help everyone involved to achieve a fair and safe result. Our customers benefit from the highest level of security, far beyond the handover of the property.



Locally in Berlin:

Berlin based real estate consultant and realtor

our team

Balanced and focused on eco.

As the founders of ecoestate, customer focus is our main goal.. Because we started out as customers, and we know how difficult the buying, selling and renting process can be.

We founded FL Fairness Life back in 2015 with the mission of helping people who need housing. At that time still in the tenant role, we noticed how hard the real estate market can be for customers.

We are pursuing one goal with ecoestate: all-round advice on successful real estate sales. We would like to be your personal contact for all real estate matters.

We differentiate ourselves from other agents not only because we donate to the WWF to do our part to preserve our planet and our biodiversity. Rather, we focus on advice that fully exploits the value of your property.


Best wishes and all the luck in the world



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